Thanks to the initiative of Perth's Emmanuel Centre – the Catholic Association for Deaf and Hearing Impaired People (WA) – we now have two new resources we can share.

Both can be found at, and scroll down the page.

First, you will see "Year of Grace National Prayer". This is a silent video clip, with the captioned text of the prayer, and with it being signed in Auslan. We recommend that you take the time to view this whole clip (it takes only two minutes). You may well find that it is a "slow-motion", contemplative way of praying the Prayer – even if you don't know any sign language.

Then, on the same webpage and next to it, you will see "Bishops Interviews – Captioned". This is the nearly-nine-minute compilation of "our four Bishops", (Archbishops Costelloe and Coleridge, Bishops Putney and Walker) talking to camera about the Year of Grace. But in this version, their words are captioned, so as to be accessible to the deaf and hearing impaired.

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