Here you will find how many people reflected on their experience of the Year of Grace.

The Diocesan Coordinators, at their final national meeting, spent many hours reflecting on three questions:

  • What do you believe the Holy Spirit is calling the Church to be and to do?
  • What signs of hope and good news do you experience in our Church and world?
  • What do we really want to say to our bishops about the Year of Grace?

Their responses can be seen as particularly valuable, as the coordinators, perhaps more than anyone else, saw how the Year of Grace “happened”, on the ground in their diocese and their parishes.

At the end of the Year of Grace, the National Planning Team organised an on-line Survey.

In the Summary of Responses you will find an overview of the responses of the 850 people who participated in the survey.

You can also see, in short video clips, how some of the Bishops reflect on the Year of Grace.