But when the goodness and kindness of God our Saviour appeared, he saved us ...’ So writes the author of the Letter to Titus (3:5). The author is speaking of the grace (graciousness) of God, offering us salvation (transformation), in and through the gift of his Son, Jesus. He is, in fact, the original sacrament, the original sign and instrument of God, the outstanding sign and instrument of God's loving, helping, healing, and transforming presence and action in the world. His human words are the Word of God as well, and his human love is the embodiment of God's love for people, God's caring, accepting, forgiving, reconciling, liberating and transforming love. He was and remains the human face of God, God’s humanity, revealing God‘s ‘amazing grace’ in dozens of human ways.

To speak of Jesus as sacrament of grace, then, is to speak of how God's love has been made visible and tangible and real in him, both during his years on earth and as he lives and acts in Christians today by means of his Spirit, his second self, the Holy Spirit that he has passed on to his followers.

-Brian Gleeson C.P.

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