The Australian Bishops elected Archbishop Coleridge, then Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn, Bishop David Walker, then Bishop of Broken Bay, Bishop Michael Putney, then Bishop of Townsville, and Bishop Timothy Costelloe sdb, then Auxiliary Bishop of Melbourne, to make preparations for, and to oversee, what became the Year of Grace.

At the conclusion of the Year of Grace (and Year-of-Faith), each reflected on what the journey had meant in his own life.

For Archbishop Coleridge, this included being appointed Archbishop of Brisbane. Just as the Year of Grace was begin, Bishop Costelloe was appointed Archbishop of Perth. During the Year of Grace, Bishop Putney, in Townsville, was diagnosed to be suffering seriously from cancer. And, as the Year of Faith came to an end, Bishop David Walker's resignation was accepted and he has begun his retirement.

See, below, each of these Bishops reflecting on his journey.